"In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable."  - Robert D. Arnott


Invest every month

The best stock portfolio can be made by buying Fundamentally strong, BULLISH on charts stocks every month which has cheaper valuations and higher dividend yield in a well-diversified manner with a higher margin of safety and earning potential. STOCK SIP does it all.

How does It work?

Subscribe to the service for desired tenure (3/6/12 months)

One Advisor would be assigned to you for your investments.

Decide your initial as well as monthly fixed investment value.

Get the stock portfolio with 48 hours and get a fresh portfolio every month.

Detailed working flow

1) Select the tenure you wish to opt for STOCK SIP. 

2) After the successful online payment, One SEBI Registered advisor would be assigned to you.
3) Share your current portfolio for restructuring. (Optional)
4) Decide an initial amount and a fixed amount you wish to infuse in stocks, every month.
5) Get your Stock Portfolio with stock allocation, name, sector, price, target, etc on your mail. Stock Analysis report would be attached for your reference.
6) After trading the stocks get back to your advisor with the trading price.
7) Your advisor will make a virtual live portfolio at his/her end for Portfolio Monitoring.
8) On reinvestment date, You will get Sell Calls (From existing stocks) and fresh Portfolio for the new infused amount.

Note: Investors will execute all the trades on their own. 


(If your stock portfolio size is < 10,00,000 Rs.)

3 Months

4,999 Rs.

6 Months 7,999 Rs.

12 Months 14,999 Rs.

If your stock portfolio size is > 10,00,000 Rs then a fixed charges of 1.5% p.a. (of portfolio size) would be levied. 

Kindly fill below details to get the final quotes


Bhasskaran Nimmala

Service Manager, Koh Samui , Thailand

I was looking for a stock advisory service for my NRO source of income from India so that I can invest a fixed amount in stocks every month in form of SIP and I shortlisted 4 stock advisors and started to understand how their approach is from each one of them and also considered Equity Boxx. Had an extensive call with Pankaj and understood how it works with Equity Boxx and I was also following Akshay Seth through Quora and facebook and I was quite impressed with their philosophy, finally wanted to give it a try! I subscribed to their Stock SIP service on 6th December 2018 for a period of 3 years. Right from payment to doing my risk profile, setting up my initial portfolio and answering my queries on my current stocks etc., was a great experience so far. You just need to specify exact amount you need to invest every month on what date a week in advance and your portfolio will be ready a day before executing so you can easily execute which does not more than 5 minutes to do it every month. They track your portfolio back end and also will tell you when to sell a stock if a particular stock if it does really well. I am very satisfied with Equity Boxx and recommend each and everyone to try their services. If Equity Boxx will get PMS license in future, I will be their first client to subscribe to them as I am convinced that they can create wealth for me.

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At Equityboxx, while selecting the stocks for our clients, we mainly focus on Fundamental analysis and 28 indicators based powerful technical strategy to let them buy quality stocks at the right time.


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