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Q: Is Equityboxx Research SEBI Registered?
A: Yes, SEBI Regd. INH100005729.

Q: How can I contact Equityboxx Team?
A: You can call at +91 8920161884 or drop a mail to info@equityboxx.com.

Q: What is the minimum investment in Portfolio Service?

A: There is no minimum investment as such but it is advised to start with at least 10,000 Rs. per month.

Q: Will I get Daily Stock Recommendation only on Telegram?

A: Short answer, YES!

Q: Can I invite Equityboxx to conduct the Stock market learning workshop 'TradeX' at my place?

A: ​Yes! The minimum attendees should be 20. You can drop a mail to info@equityboxx.com to discuss further. You can also call at +91 8920161884.

Q: Is there any free service?
A: Yes! Equityboxx publishes the names of 'best stocks to buy' every month on
'BUY NOW STOCKS' tab with proper stock analysis for free.

Q: How Equityboxx analyses the stocks?
A: Fundamental + Technical Analysis.

Q: My question is not in this list, how can I clarify my doubt?

A: You can drop a mail to info@equityboxx.com  and you will get the reply within
24 hours.

Q: What is Marketnotes.in?

A: Marketnotes is the Blog of Equityboxx. Marketnotes keeps you updated with recent happenings in the Indian Stock Market and the economy in layman terms.
Be a part of an ever-growing community and let's shape India's Financial Future. 

Learn Stock Market Concepts and recent happenings

in layman terms.

At Equityboxx, while selecting the stocks for our clients, we mainly focus on Fundamental analysis and 28 indicators based powerful technical strategy to let them buy quality stocks at the right time.


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