You Questioned, We Answered!

Q: Is Equityboxx Research SEBI Registered?
A: Yes, SEBI Regd. INH100005729.

Q: How can I contact Equityboxx Team?
A: You can call at +91 8920161884 or drop a mail to info@equityboxx.com.

Q: What is the minimum investment in Portfolio Service?

A: There is no minimum investment as such but it is advised to start with at least 10,000 Rs. per month.

Q: Will I get Daily Stock Recommendation only on Telegram?

A: Short answer, YES!

Q: Can I invite Equityboxx to conduct the Stock market learning workshop 'TradeX' at my place?

A: ​Yes! The minimum attendees should be 20. You can drop a mail to info@equityboxx.com to discuss further. You can also call at +91 8920161884.

Q: Is there any free service?
A: Yes! Equityboxx publishes the names of 'best stocks to buy' every month on
'BUY NOW STOCKS' tab with proper stock analysis for free.

Q: How Equityboxx analyses the stocks?
A: Fundamental + Technical Analysis.

Q: My question is not in this list, how can I clarify my doubt?

A: You can drop a mail to info@equityboxx.com  and you will get the reply within
24 hours.

Q: What is Marketnotes.in?

A: Marketnotes is the Blog of Equityboxx. Marketnotes keeps you updated with recent happenings in the Indian Stock Market and the economy in layman terms.
Be a part of an ever-growing community and let's shape India's Financial Future. 

Learn Stock Market Concepts and recent happenings

in layman terms.