Learn the methodology for forecasting the direction of prices through the study of past market data, primarily price and volume.

e-Course Description

Technical Analysis is the forecasting of future financial price movements based on an examination of past price movements and if you are looking for patterns in a stock chart which will explain to you how its price will move next then you are at right place and at the right time.

A 15 days detailed module is specially designed for the qualitative indicators that are being used for technical analysis of the stock with the help of distinct effective techniques.

Duration: 15 days


Introductory Segment – 6 Lectures

  • Why investing?

  • Investment options in India

  • Stock Market and types

  • What is a stock?

  • How to get started? ( Brokers, demat & Trading)

  • Stock Analysis Types.

Main Segment – Stock Technical Analysis - 12 Lectures – Live Analysis (All)

  1. Stock Technical Analysis – Introduction (1 Video Lecture)

  2. Support and Resistance ( 1 Video lecture and 1 Activity)

  3. Candlestick Chart and types (1 Video lectures with study material and 1 Activity)

  4. Moving Averages (2 Video lectures and 1 Activity)

  5. Technical Analysis method  1 (1 Video lectures and 1 Activity)

  6. Technical Analysis method  2 (1 Video lectures and 1 Activity)

  7. Technical Analysis method  3 (1 Video lectures and 1 Activity)

  8. Technical Analysis method  4 (1 Video lectures and 1 Activity)

  9. Technical Analysis method  5 (1 Video lectures and 1 Activity)

  10. Combinatory Session   (1 Video lectures and 1 Activity)

  11. Additional Technical Analysis methods  (1 Video lectures and 1 Activity)

Online Test

Note: Every single activity will be performed online and aspirants need to have PC/laptop with proper internet connection in order to perform all these sessions practically during the lectures.

After the successful completion of the course, you would be able to answer:
  • What are the different candlestick patterns that help to predict the stock prices?

  • How many technical indicators are there to analyze a stock?

  • What are some of the finest techniques that are being used my traders on regular basis.

  • How to read the charts?

  • How to decode technical analysis of the stock?

  • How to predict the stock prices with maximum accuracy?

  • Every single concepts would be revealed, every single techniques would be deciphered.


1) Every query would be resolved within 24 hours TAT.
2) ESTA is loaded with weekly online tests and activities along with an online Platform for Practice.
3) On the successful completion of the course with 90+  Marks in online Tests (overall), Aspirant would be awarded ESTA Completion Certificate from Equityboxx team as a remark of excellence.

About the instructor

About the instructor

About the instructor

Akshay Seth

Research Analyst
( SEBI Regd. INH100005729)

An experienced Deputy Manager in an Indian private sector bank with a demonstrated history of working in the banking and finance industry. With an experience of 5+ years in the industry. He was once named as best viewed writer with 1 million+ viewers for 100+ articles written on 'Indian Stock Market and its working'. He would be with you throughout the course along with some fellow instructors.

Linkedin: here

Video Lectures  +  Study Materials

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Q :  What will happen when I enroll now by making an online payment?

A :  After the subscription, The aspirant will get the confirmation mail on his/her registered email id along with other details like eBatch number.

Q :  Will I get lifetime access to video lectures and study materials?

A :  Yes

Q :  How will I clarify my doubts in between the eCourse?

A :  Aspirant can clarify all the doubts via mail, So that instructor can explain it with the help of examples and facts.

Q :  Can I clarify my doubts even after the completion of course tenure?

A :  Yes

Q :  Which language has been used for Video lectures and Study materials?

A :  English

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Gopalan Rajkumar

IT Manager, Qatar

eCourse(s) availed:  Equityboxx Stock Technical Analysis

I had very basic knowledge on Technical Analysis but after the course I feel more confident and able to perform Technical analysis on my own. Thanks to Akshay for his amazing training, attention to details and excellent support. Highly recommended.