The whole secret to winning big in the stock market is not to be right all the time, but to lose the least amount possible when you’re wrong. -William J. O'Neil

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Equityboxx Option Strategies eCourse (EOSE)

You are 20 days away to become an effective 'Option Trader'
(Beginner to Expert Level Learning)

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e-Course Description

Options are derivative contracts on stocks and index. Ideally meant for risk management but by learning to trade options, it allows you to create flexible trading strategies in different market conditions. Once you understand the basics behind options and how it works, you can create wealth irrespective of stock movements (upside, downside or sideways). In this course, you will get to know the best strategies you must opt for in different market conditions and how it can be customized to maximize your profits.

Duration: 20 days

major contents

  • Basics of Derivatives.

  • Introduction to Option Trading.

  • Understanding Option Chain.

  • How Option Greeks help us in Option Trading.

  • Option Strategies - with examples


Online Activities: 

Daily activities on 
the virtual platform to learn how the strategy works. Weekly tests to know what are the things which you have not understood.

Practical Examples for Simplicity:

Last 5 days will be given to the aspirant to analyse the market, to develop their own strategies, apply on the given virtual platform and share the trade with us. The instructor will guide you on what could be done better or avoided to earn more or lose less.

Interactive study materials:


For better understanding, every topic has been discussed with help of best images and videos available on the internet.

(Explainer videos have been taken from external sources for better understanding).


After the successful completion of the course, you would be able to answer:
  • What is Option Trading and how it works?

  • What are the basic terminologies used by regular Option Traders.

  • What is Option Chain and how it can be used?

  • How to make strategies in Stock Options?

  • What is Option Geeks and how it helps in Option Trading?

  • How to plan the Option Trade as per market conditions?


1) Every query would be resolved within 24 hours TAT.
2) EOSE is loaded with weekly online tests and activities along with an online Platform for Practice.
3) On the successful completion of the course with 90+  Marks in online Tests (overall), Aspirant would be awarded EOSE Completion Certificate from Equityboxx team as a remark of excellence.

  Study Materials + Explanatory Videos + Online test and Activities

 ₹6,999/- INR

One-time payment: no additional charges


Q :  What will happen when I enroll now by making an online payment?

A :  After the subscription, The aspirant will get the confirmation mail on his/her registered email id along with other details like eBatch number.

Q :  Will it be a live session?

A :  No, Along with study materials, Equityboxx has used explanatory videos for each strategy (not necessarily made by equityboxx). 

Q :  How will I practice the strategy in live market during the eCourse?

A :  The instrcutor will make you register on an virtual live trading platform where you can apply strategies while learning it.

Q :  Will I get lifetime access to video lectures and study materials?

A :  Yes

Q :  How will I clarify my doubts in between the eCourse?

A :  Aspirant can clarify all the doubts via mail, So that instructor can explain it with the help of examples and facts.

Q :  Can I clarify my doubts even after the completion of course tenure?

A :  Yes

Q :  Which language has been used for Video lectures and Study materials?

A :  English



Dushyant Shukla

Senior Software Engineer, Accenture

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"This course has taught me how to apply option strategies for numerous cases. Akash is a well-experienced Option Trader and humbly answered all my queries. EOSE is worth every single penny".